Childrens Books



"THE BATTLE OF BUTLER’S HILL"     ISBN 9781872758084

 An illustrated children’s story describing the loss of the last good sledging place in a village to a greedy land developer and the ghostly attempts made by the local children to stop the building work

 Published by Ventus Books (price £4.00)


 "BALD EAGLE"      ISBN 9781872758121

Keeley Davenport is a tomboy living with her mum and grandpa in a secluded house by a main road outside of town.  The only real friends she has are the truck drivers who wave to her as they pass by each day on the road outside.  One day in the holidays Keeley's boredom is broken when she sees something fall from the back of one of the trucks.  The something turns out to be a weird featherless chicken called "Bald Eagle" who has come from the battery farm down the road and the story tells of how he and Keeley and her cousins set out to free Bald Eagle' s friends from their captivity.

 Published by Ventus Books (price £4.00)


"THIS LITTLE PIGGY"  An illustrated boook of comic nursery rhymes  ISBN 9781872758183

The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts
All on a summer’s day,
The Knave of Hearts he stole the tarts
And took them clean away,
The Knave of Hearts he’d stolen tarts,
He’d done it once before,
She’d baked this time with laxative
And barred the toilet door !

Published by Ventus Books (price £4.00)