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"The Adjudicator"


One act comedy by Tony Breeze for 8f & 8m ISBN: 978-1-872758-28-2


"The Adjudicator" comedy by Tony Breeze for 8f & 8m ISBN: 978-1-872758-28-2  £4.00 each  Royalties £25 per performance
The local drama group are about to put on their first Shakespeare with "Macbeth" and the new thrusting director has decided to enter the play into the county "Play of The year Competition."  As they make their final preparations they await the arrival of the adjudicator who is reputed to be a retired drama lecturer with a drink problem.  The stagehands come in with the alcohol for the Christmas party and are told to put it into the nearby drama store and lock the door.  They do the first but not the second.  The adjudicator arrives, speaks to a deaf FOH person who tells him to wait in the drama store.   The director returns and, of course, locks the store.  Meanwhile the adjudicator's taxi driver arrives with a clipboard that's been left in the car, he's mistaken for the adjudicator , feted like a lord, the play begins and unbeknown to everyone the driver is treated as the adjudicator for the rest of the evening - including the final somewhat down-to-earth adjudication!